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How Hula eliminates the hassle of finding event buddies.

Potential Blockers For Attending An Event




What existing event listing sites solve


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We eliminate the hassle of finding event buddies.

We create a platform that connects people based on their shared event interests and encourages them to attend new events together, events handpicked from a curated and multicultural selection.

So, are you one of us?

Passionate Event Goers

Who have a habit of regularly checking out hot events and going to events but sometimes encounter difficulties in finding the suitable people to go together 

"Newbies" in town

Looking to explore the happenings in the city but do not have a mature friend circle developed 

Culturally curious Gen Z / Millennials

Who are up for discovery of new events, who are open to make new friends and who are eager to find communities that represent their voices.

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