Never Go To Events Alone

HULA connects like-minded individuals to attend events together. Available in NYC.

Hula is an app that brings people together through the discovery of community-based cultural events. We are launching our beta in Spring 2021. Get your exclusive access today!


Who We Are

We create a platform that connects users with other like-minded individuals to go to events together.

Connect like-minded people through the discovery of community-based cultural events

Never go to events alone!

Explore, Connect, Resonate.
Diverse and Inclusive.

Key Features

Personalized Event Recommendations

We source a collection of community-based cultural events and recommend them to you based on your personal interests

Event-Driven Profile Story

Remember, we are not your 6th dating app. We designed our profile setting to let you showcase your eventful spirits

Direct In-App Ticketing

We provide one-stop event service from searching to matching and ticketing. We got you covered. (Available in 2.0 version)

Event-Specific 1-on-1

Under each event you will be able to connect with individuals who are also interested in this event

Organic Friendly and Trusted Matching / Pairing User Experience

We heard you on how hard virtual commitment can be, therefore we are here to give you a whole new experience

Group Matching

Want to make it a party? We got you! Form a group of your own or join existing groups using our "group-matching" function (V2.0)

Our Event Marketplace

We understand the hassle of finding the right people to go to events with, so we're here for you.
Here are the categories of events we are happy to offer you.


Electronic, Jazz, Indie, Rock, Country, Classical, Karaoke...


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Cooking Class, Food Tour, Art Tour, Standup Comedy, Dance Class, Book Club


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Fitness, Yoga, Sports, Dance, Hiking, Volunteering


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Online, Social Distancing, Zoom Disco, Twitch Party, Virtual Workshop


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Our Locations

We will continuously expand our markets as we move along

Our Response to COVID-19

As we monitor the current COVID-19 situation evolves, we will start off with a combination of online events and smaller sized events that allow social distancing

We will strictly ensure all the safety measures (6-feet distance, mask requirement, and venue sanitization, etc.) will be taken and followed by the event organizers and event locations

We will outsource additional on-site staff to guarantee the quality and safety of the events and will provide dedicated personnel resources for any COVID related concerns or questions

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Your New Way To Socialize

Happiness is when you make unexpected new friends

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