Our Story

We founded Hula because we realized how much the younger generation loves going to entertainment events and how frustrating it could be to find the right people to go with. As frequent event-goers ourselves, we believe that genuine connections are better built upon shared experiences, something that current, one-size-fits-all meetup and dating apps just can’t provide.

Hula helps you find like-minded individuals to go to events you are both interested in. We offer a collection of community-based cultural events, recommend them to you based on your event interests and match you with another individual or a group with discounted pricing as an incentive.

Swirl up your hoop, let’s HULA!

Inspired by

The Ever-Rotating Hula Hoops

Hula symbolizes the vibrant passion and inclusive energy that unite us all.

Meet Our Team


Hailey first came up with this product idea in 2016 when she stuggled to find someone within her friend circle to see Adele's concert with and she ended up going by herself. Later, she came to realize that she was not alone after hearing multiple similar encounters from friends. She wanted to create a platform where people can find others who are also interested in going to the same event and more importantly, a place that never lets you go to events alone.
As a concert lover, outdoor adventurer and culture explorer herself, she deeply believes that HULA solves the problem of not doing the right thing with the right people while providing more meaningful opportunties for young generation to mingle and socialize.
Prior to HULA, Hailey had 3+ years experience in advertising and media strategy.

Product Manager

Having lived in New York City for nearly a decade, David knows the excitement of a metropolis but also understands the pressure of the fast-paced lifestyle. The city can be quite overwhelming without friends. So, his goal is to make the city people's second home with the help of Hula.

Business Development & Fundraising

With friend circle naturally changing while moving to a new city for work, Elliscope experienced no less struggle than making new friends and exploring new events. He can't wait to share HULA with everyone so people will never go to events alone

Prior to HULA, Elliscope had extensive experience in tech & startup. He cofounded WorldElite, an overseas students targeted recruiting platform that helps thousands of students searching for jobs. Besides, he worked for Linkedin and Expedia.

Finance Strategist

Though you might find Chloe at an Arctic Monkeys concert today, it was only about ten years ago that she was belting out her own angsty lead vocals at a concert for her (totally cool) high school rock band.

Chloe has spent much of her life both performing music and enjoying it during most minutes of her day. With every concert she attends, Chloe is more compelled by the power of shared musical experiences in forming new friends and strengthening existing ones.

Based in New York City, Chloe works in the finance industry

Tech Lead

Jun is enthusiastic about the technology and traveling. To him, the best part of a journey is the people along the way. At Hula, he believes that the technology can change the way people mingle and can create great memories with new friends. He believes Hula can encourage people to explore this world together and will never be alone.

Based in Seattle, Jun leads HULA app development

UI/UX Designer

Exposure to new ideas, experiences, and cultures ever inspire Paula. She is constantly in search of adventures may it be traveling to discover new architecture, walking around neighborhoods to document street art or simply tasting her way through the desserts of the world. Along the way, Paula loves the encounters she has had when meeting individuals who share the same passions as her.

With Hula, she hopes to contribute and help create new connections that cultivate lasting friendships.

IOS Engineer

Fahid loves to work with startups and make them successful in their challenging journey. He aims to spread best culture, latest technology and best practices with companies/engineers all over the world. Providing consultancy, training engineers & contributing to iOS open source community. All these are possible, when you meet people and gain new experiences.

Hula is the best platform for people to open doors of new adventures in their lives.

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